Digital Advertising

5x-6x ROI

Lightning Creator has over 16 specialists on their Pay-Per-Click advertising team

When they say 5x-6x ROI, that's $5-6 dollars earned for every $1 spent. One of their best overall campaign was for a New York Real Estate company that had a $20 to $1 ROI.
You'll be assigned a specialist who personally manages your account
There are daily, weekly, and monthly tasks they perform

They monitor the ad budget, checking the search term reports, and verifying which keywords are working, and which aren't.

If something isn't working, it's replaced with new keywords.

Weekly, the team looks for new opportunities to target your audience further. 

They adjust your bids and verify your conversion.

Monthly, they search for opportunities to fine tune both ad copy and landing pages.
They provide reporting on how your campaign is going with their comprehensive analytics. 
Through this you can see how your ads campaign is progressing. 

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