Design Decrypted

Custom boutique web design
Design Decrypted has grown substantially in the two years it has been open for business. We have honed in on our strengths and evolve with the ever changing landscape of website design and development to stay on point.

Our clientele is incredibly diverse. From niche businesses to janitorial supplies, we have run the gamut.

Our focus always remains on delivering on quality with each website we create. All our websites are completely custom and fully optimized for speed, mobile and google.
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Catherine Weed

Owner of Design Decrypted
"A website needs to capture the visitor's interest and entice them to take action."

Catherine has been making websites since the late 90's and early 2000's. It all started with hand coding html in a .txt file for fan websites. Before CSS.

Catherine had traditional training in Graphic Design with a focus in Web Design and Art Direction. She received her BFA from Texas State University and in 2015 she launched Design Decrypted.
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